Chapter 4: Human Laps Are Better Than Floors

After running about on the shiny white floor, I lay down to rest for a while. This was most definitely a very exciting day, and I needed to catch my breath a little.

Since I was so excited and out of breath from running, the coldness of the floor felt really nice. It helped to cool me down.

After a short while, the people went to another part of the house, and they sat down and started talking among themselves again.

I wanted to be part of their conversation too. I had so very much that I wanted to tell them, and I was just bursting to say it.

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Chapter 3: My New Home

After that very important car ride, I was carried by my special person into the biggest house I’d ever seen.

Wow. I’d never seen a floor so white or so shiny before!

When she first put me down on the floor, I froze. I didn’t dare to move.

I wasn’t quite sure how to react to this shiny white floor. This floor felt cool underneath my paws, much cooler than the floor of my old house. That floor had been made of blue rubber. The shininess was strange to me too. I’d never seen a floor that was shiny before.

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Chapter 1: I’m Ugly?

Before I tell you more about my royal life, I must tell you that I wasn’t always a princess.

I remember that ever since I was a little 2-month-old puppy, I lived in a small metal house.

In my metal house, I had a water bottle to drink from, a little plate to eat from, and a little mat to sleep on. It wasn’t very fancy, but I could see outside my house and I liked looking at the outside world. There was usually something interesting to see and to smell, and those are pretty important things to a puppy.

There were other metal houses around me, and each one belonged to other little puppies. These were all my friends. Even though we all lived in different houses, we always talked to one another and that’s how we became friends.

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